Examination Results

KS2 SATs Attainment

Perton Middle School achieved the 3rd highest national standard RWM average for a middle school in the county for June 2016.

School National
National standard High standard Scaled National standard High standard Scaled
Reading 66% 13% 102 66% 19% 103
Writing 87% 10% 103 74% 15% 103
SPAG 65% 18% 102 72% 23% 104
Maths 62% 10% 101 70% 17% 103
RWM 54% 4% 102 53% 5% 103

Reading national standard results and the writing scaled score were in line with the national average. Writing national standard results were significantly above the national average. The overall Reading, writing and maths measure was above the national average.

Progress measures

Lowest confidence measure
Highest confidence measure
Of sufficient progress
from sufficient progress measure


A school is above the floor standard if; 65% of pupils meet the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics (ie achieve that standard in all three subjects) or the school achieves sufficient progress scores in all of reading -5 , writing -7 and mathematics -5.

A negative score does not mean that pupils did not make any progress, rather it means they made less progress than other pupils nationally with similar starting points. For example, in maths the score of -3.6 means that on average pupils in this school achieved 3.6 scaled scores less than other pupils nationally with similar starting points.

Therefore Perton Middle School are ABOVE the floor as the progress measures are met in Reading, writing and maths separately.

Examination results for previous years are available on the Department for Education website.