At Perton Middle School we teach French to all pupils from Year 5 upwards. In Years 5 and 6 pupils are taught in mixed ability classes and in Years 7 and 8 in groups according to ability. We make use of the ActivTeach “Studio” textbooks for much of our course work. We make good use of ICT in our lessons, regularly using interactive resources in the classroom and in the ICT suites.

Throughout the four years during which French is taught at Perton Middle School, the department liaises closely with the other schools in the pyramid to ensure a smooth transition at the end of Year 8. Pupils will be given plenty of opportunities to develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Teaching British Values

In French we prepare our children for life in Britain by making them aware of the similarities and differences between British and French cultures.

There are several ways in which you can help your child, even if you do not know any French yourself.

1. Encourage them to teach you the things which they are learning in class.

2. Help them with learning homeworks. Even if you do not know any French you can call out the words in English and ask your child to write them down in French.

3. If you are able to spend a holiday in France or even go on a day visit, this can provide a valuable opportunity for your child to practise some of the structures learnt in class.

4. There are useful websites your child can access which provide practice in the vocabulary learnt in school. These include:–

Year 5 Curriculum

We are in a very fortunate position to be able to offer dedicated French lessons two years earlier than the legal requirement. This allows students to acquire language skills to help with English.

Pupils will have one hour a week dedicated to French. Although a course book will be used in class, pupils will also be taught through interactive activities and dedicated language websites.

Pupils will cover the following topics in Year 5:-

  • Learning about numbers, days, months and likes and dislikes – Term 1
  • Descriptions of themselves and others – Term 2
  • Talking about school subjects and school life – Term 3

Year 6 Curriculum

This year pupils will continue with studying one hour of French a week. The course book used will be Studio 1 and pupils will cover the following topics:-

  • Talking about sports and leisure activities – Term 1
  • Talking about where you live – Term 2
  • Talking about holidays – Term 3

Much of the spoken work will be in the form of role plays using material from the text books or simple ones written by the pupils themselves. This will involve pupils co-operating with others, either in pairs or small groups.

They will perform simple written tasks most of which will be with help from written cues. From time to time pupils will be required to learn items of vocabulary and reproduce these from memory. This is a very important aspect of language learning.

Year 7 Curriculum

This year pupils will build on the skills and knowledge acquired in Years 5 and 6, but will have two hours of French lessons per week. They will study from Studio 2 with supplementary materials being used as and when necessary. If your child is issued with a text book to use at home and in school during the year, please encourage them to take care over them.

Pupils will continue to develop their expertise in all four language skills. The length and difficulty of written tasks will increase and pupils will be asked more frequently to reproduce both spoken and written tasks from memory. This is a very important aspect of language learning.

The topics to be covered this year are:-

  • Free Time, technology – Term 1
  • Paris and talking about myself – Term 2
  • Clothes, where I live and food – Term 3


Year 8 Curriculum

This year pupils will continue to build on the skills acquired in Years 6 and 7. Obviously this is an important year as pupils prepare to transfer to another school. The course book used will be Studio 3 with supplementary materials as and when required. Pupils will also be given their own access to accompany the course book to help consolidate their understanding.

The topics to be covered this year are:

  • Going out, past and present tenses – Term 1
  • Healthy lifestyles, past, present and future tenses – Term 2
  • Holidays, past, present and future tenses – Term 3

The key to success this year will be careful learning of new vocabulary and structures as pupils will often need to recall work covered in earlier units at a later date. This will prove to be a vital skill when approaching G.C.S.E.


If there is any other information you would like about any of the French courses, please let us know.

Mrs K. Fullwood
Co-ordinator of Modern Languages.