Register of Governors Interests

The governing body must ensure that governors and staff are not involved in activities that might conflict with their role within the school. It is especially important to demonstrate that individuals do not benefit personally from the decisions made by the governors, unless such decisions are made openly and legitimately. As such the register of interests must be available on the school website.

This should be updated fully each year and reviewed during the year. It is incumbent upon all governors to make the school/academy aware of any changes during the year.

Full Name Position Name of business / body Nature of interest Date declared Date removed
Andrea Dawson Chair / Chair of Finance, Premises & Personnel None None 15.03.17
Sheila Bradley PMS Link & PMS SEN Link None None 01.12.16
Rev Simon Douglas Vice Chair BMS Committee, Faith & Prep for SIAMS at BMS None None 01.12.16
Andrea Dawson Chair BMS Committee, SEND, PP, SP, Assessment & Data Analysis for BMS None None 01.12.16
Donna Golby Staff None None 01.12.16
Neil Rowley Staff None None 01.12.16

To be reviewed December 2017