Staff - Perton Middle School, Staffordshire
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Mr. A. Harding – Executive Headteacher

Mr. N. Straw
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs. A. Dadge

Mrs. M. Burrington
Assistant Headteacher


Administration Staff

Mrs. S. Lunn
Finance / Bursar

Mrs. J. Prior
Receptionist / First Aid / Attendance

Miss. C. Jones
Reprographics / First Aid


Teaching Staff

Mrs. J. Cadwallader
Coordinator of English

Mrs L. Cartlidge
Teacher of Science

Mr I. Edwards
Teacher of Maths

Mrs. K. Fullwood
Teacher of French

Mrs. J. Rockett
Teacher of Maths
Miss. C. Round - smaller

Miss. C. Round
English Teacher

Mrs C. Shelley
Coordinator of Art

Mrs. E. Brown
Coordinator of Physical Education

Miss G. Harley
Humanities Teacher

Ms. J. Watton
Coordinator of Music and Performance

Miss E. Bowker
Second in Maths

Mrs. M. Edwards
Coordinator of Maths

Mrs. S. Jones
English Teacher

Mrs. E. Shepherd
Design and Technology Teacher

Mrs S. Crowther
Coordinator of Science
Mr. R. Steele - smaller

Mr. R. Steele
Coordinator of ICT

Mrs. R. Shaw
Humanities Teacher

Miss. N. Takhar
Science Teacher


Teaching Assistants


Mrs. A. Thomson

Mrs. F. Scott

Mrs. T. Davies


Support Staff


Mrs. K. Holmes
Catering Manager

Mr. N. Rowley
Head of House Java/Matrix
Cover Supervisor

Mrs. D. Hazlehurst

Mrs. T. Spittle
Assistant SENCO

Mr. M. Stackhouse
ICT Technician




Mr. A. Cox
Site Services

Mr. S. Hobbins