All you need to know about Social Media

You might have Instagram and might think your really cool because you have lots of followers. But do you know all of them?

What is Social Media?

Social media is any online chat or sharing- based media program. For example: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You are probably familiar with these.

Instagram You have to be 13 to use Instagram
Snapchat Did you know that you have to be 13 to use Snapchat?
Twitter Are you sure you're 13?

The Dangers of Social Media

How to Stay Safe

  • If you don't protect or change the privacy settings on your page, then anyone can access it and see your photos or statuses.
  • Only talk to people who you know!
  • Don't expose any of your friends to any of your other "friends".
  • If someone suspicious tries to talk to you, then you need to report them to the site.
  • Don't post any photos of someone else onto your page without their consent.

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      Do you have your account on private?

      People dont always talk to you just to be your friends. Also, people can manipulate you to do things. People can also harm your health or hurt you so dont trust everyone.As well as this, people can find out your personal infromation or they can blackmail you.