Year 5 Maths Curriculum

Year 5 Autumn Term

Topic Length Subject
3 Weeks Place value and calculations + 3 days test
1 Week Shape
1 Week Mental multiplication, division and fractions
1 Week Rounding and written multiplication
2 Weeks Handling data and measures
Half Term
Topic Length Subject
2 Weeks More written methods of calculation
1 Week Measures and data
1 Week Fractions
2 Weeks Recap of place value and written methods


Year 5 Spring term

Topic Length Subject
1 Week Place value of large numbers and decimals place value calculations
1 Week Addition and subtraction mentally including decimals and worded problems
1 Week Properties of number- factors, primes, squares
1 Week Properties of triangles and metric measures and conversions
1 Week Column addition and subtraction including decimals and money
1 Week Written multiplication and division – short and long
Half Term
Topic Length Subject
1 Week Fractions of amounts and short multiplication
1 Week Polygons and 2D shapes
1 Week Fractions and mixed numbers
1 Week Subtraction large numbers
1 Week Catch-up / enrichment and assessment activities


Year 5 Summer term

Topic Length Subject
2 Weeks Number and place value
1 Week Multiplication, division and percentages
1 Week Angles and polygons
2 Weeks Calculation and fraction recap
Half Term
Topic Length Subject
1 Week Written multiplication
1 Week Measures, data and time
2 Weeks Subtraction, multiplication and further fraction work
1 Week Multi-step problems