Year 7 Maths Curriculum - Perton Middle School, Staffordshire
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Year 7 Maths Curriculum

Year 7 Autumn term

Topic Length Subject
2 Weeks Place value, integers & calculations
2 Weeks Measures, area & perimeter
2 Weeks Calculating with fractions and decimals
2 Weeks Algebraic notation and substitution
Half Term
Topic Length Subject
2 Weeks Properties of numbers
2 Weeks Interpreting and analyzing data
2 Weeks Angles and construction


Year 7 Spring term

Topic Length Subject
2 Weeks Fractions, decimals and percentages
2 Weeks Sequences and nth term
2 Weeks Nets and constructions
Half Term
Topic Length Subject
1 Week Constructions and transformations
2 Weeks Ratio, proportion and rates of change
2 Weeks Probability


Year 7 Summer term

Topic Length Subject
4 Weeks Linear graphs and solving equations
Half Term
Topic Length Subject
2 Weeks Interpreting data and correlations
2 Weeks Number operations and working with fractions
2 Weeks Shapes, nets and scale drawings