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At Perton Middle School, our aim is to develop confident, fluent mathematicians who are able to work with numbers, algebra, shape and statistics across all areas of the key stage 2 and 3 curriculum.
Alongside regular practice of arithmetic skills, pupils are given opportunities to deepen their understanding through problem solving and reasoning tasks, dig deeper tasks and investigations. Pupils are encouraged to explain their answers fully using the correct mathematical language. All children are expected to know their times tables up to 12×12 and practise weekly in form tutor time as well as in class.

Teaching British Values

Mathematics at Perton helps prepare children for British life by developing their ability to make logical decisions and solve problems. They learn to work both independently and collaboratively and appreciate maths in everyday life whether it be in finance, patterns in nature or statistical analysis.

Children are grouped to ensure every child is suitably challenged in lessons and groups are reviewed regularly following on-going teacher assessment and marking of homework and tests.
There are also opportunities for extending mathematics outside the classroom at Perton . We enter our able mathematicians across the school in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge and the UKMT team challenge in year 8. This year we ran the Maths In Motion challenge and we are currently entering the semi-finals in the National Competition. We have also run X-Factor times table competitions, maths treasure hunts and design a maths hat competition.

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ICT in Maths

We also use ICT where appropriate to support and enhance learning inside and outside the classroom. Children have access to websites and individual log in and password details to support classwork and homework so they can practise a topic that they may find difficult. There are revision padlets for all year groups that can be found in the ‘Help Your Child’ section of the website.
MyMaths ( is a set of online maths homework and support activities that children may be assigned or that they can access any time they wish. There are support activities that children can use if they find a topic difficult in class and wish to practise further outside the classroom.
Abacus ( is a maths toolkit that has been carefully crafted to inspire a genuine love of maths and help you support every child to master the National Curriculum. For studnets there are a wide variety of maths practice games, speaking and listening activities, problem-solving activities, rewards and avatars.

Year 5 Curriculum

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 7 Curriculum

Year 8 Curriculum