Physical Education
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Physical Education

The PE department strives to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to take part in a broad and balanced PE curriculum and extra curricular programme that supports the development of their physical literacy during their time at Perton Middle School.

Students follow the national curriculum for their key stage:

Key stage 2

During the first half term of year 5, students take part in core skills which aims to improve basic throwing and catching, running, jumping and balancing skills.
Following this, students in year 5 and 6 will follow a broad curriculum which covers a range of sports and activities such as tag rugby, football, netball, gymnastics, dance, cricket, short tennis, rounders and athletics.
Our PE curriculum runs alongside the School Games Framework which supports competitive sport in schools and provides a pathway from district to national performance.

Key stage 3

In key stage 3 students build upon the knowledge and skills they have learnt across key stage 2. In addition to this they also learn new activities such as badminton, full contact rugby, parkour, health and fitness training and basketball. Students will also develop their leadership skills by completing a Playground Leaders course.


Football Boots

As of the week beginning 22nd of September 2020, the students will be taking part in the following activities:

  • Key stage 3 boys will therefore need football boots and shin pads as of 22nd September 2020.
  • Key stage 2 and Key stage 3 girls will need football boots and shin pads after October half term.