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Teaching British Values

Drama prepares children for British life by allowing them to explore through their eyes and the eyes of others. It helps them to appreciate, empathise and enjoy the world around them.


Drama Curriculum for 2014-2015



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 5

Saving the Universe

Getting to know each other through the use of team building games and exercises.


Genre and the 3P’s

Creating and performing scripts form different genres.

Readers Theatre

Using the stories from around the world such as folk tales, myths and legends such as Aesops Fables and Anansi the spider to create a piece of Readers theatre.

Drama Improvisation 

Using a range of starting points and drama techniques to explore a range of possible dramatic forms and structure.

Haiku Poems

Using Drama strategies such as still Image and Thought tracking to perform poems.


Using Poetry as a Drama stimulus

Using drama strategies such as conscience ally, hot seating and cross cutting to explore poetry

Theatre History project

Working in smaller groups to research theatre from different ages collating together for a whole class presentation.

The Twits

Reading and performing a play script.

Year 6

Vocalisation and Poetry

Using Voice to perform poetry.  

Early examples of Theatre Styles

Exploring different styles of theatre through characterisation


Creating a Christmas Performance.

Urban legends

Physical theatre

Looking at different legends then creating some Berkoff inspired work such as

The Hitch hiker

Spider in the hairdo




Looking at the techniques of debating and structuring our own debates.

Darkwood Manor

Exploring a mystery using teacher in role and other drama strategies.  


Looking at sections of  Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Year 7

From Page to Stage

Preparing small scripts for performance looking at Stanislavsky’s given circumstances through the stage directions, then rehearsing a larger script for  performance



Looking at a range of TV genres such as soap opera and advertisements then creating our own.

Mask and Mime

Exploring how the body conveys information through the convention of masks.

Charlotte Dymond

Exploring a mystery using teacher in role and other drama strategies.  

Year 8

Crisis point

In role Drama working as the Red cross in response to Flooding in London.


From Page to Stage

Reading, Rehearsing and Performing a play script such as The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty and A Game of Soldiers.


Using Poetry as drama stimulus

What has happened to lulu?


Iambic pentameter and Shakespeare’s language.

Creating our own ‘Fakespeare’  


 Selecting and preparing starting points for a performance.


Creation of a promotional piece of theatre to celebrate the school for new Year 5 students.