Easter Challenge 2020
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Easter Challenge 2020

Easter Challenge 2020

  Easter Letter from Mrs. Dadge

We know that this Easter holiday will be very unusual. We also know that Perton Students can always rise to a challenge, so we are very proud to launch our Easter Challenge 2020. This Easter we challenge our students to:

Just click on the above links to access the challenge grids. There is an activity per challenge per day. Once an activity is complete please sign over the challenge to show it is done.

There is no expectation that students will complete all 6. They might like to complete a selection of challenges from them all, just focus on one or two themes that really interest them OR for those who really want to challenge themselves there will be a prize for anyone who can complete all 6!

It would be lovely to gather some photographs of the students completing the activities but if we ask you all to send a photograph of each activity, we will have more photographs than we can possibly use! However, we encourage you to use an app that allows you to create a photo montage and create a collage to show a selection of your activities. To enter simply photograph your completed challenge sheets and send them, along with any photo montages to your child’s form tutor on Monday 20th April. There will be a certificate for any completed sheets and a prize for anyone who completes the entire challenge!

Alex Dadge