Governor List & Terms of Reference
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Governor List & Terms of Reference

You can contact our Governing Body by sending an email to

Governing Board Codsall High Federation of Schools

Staff Governors Position Term of Office
Mr A Harding Executive Headteacher 01.09.15 to 26.03.22
Mike Horsfield 19.05.20 to 17.05.24
Lewis Humphries 19.05.20 to 17.05.24
Co-Opted Governors
Mrs A Colin-Stokes Vice-Chair PMS Committee, PMS Committee member, PMS Link Governor – KS2, More Able Students 11.07.17 to 10.07.21
Mr A Lewis CCHS Chair, Link Governor, Sixth Form Link, CCHS Committee member 05.12.17 to 04.12.21
Mr N Whitaker PMS Committee, PMS Link Governor – H&S 08.04.19 to 07.04.23
Giles Godfrey CCHS Committee member, Brewood Trust Governor 16.07.19 to 15.07.23
Mr G Burnett BMS Committee 21.10.19 to 20.10.23
Local Authority Governors
Dr J Matthews Chair of Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee, CCHS Committee member, CCHS Link Governor – Student Voice 05.12.17 to 04.12.21
Parent Governors
Mrs J Bentley CCHS Committee Member 03.12.18 to 02.12.22
Mrs J Shulman Chair of Governing Board, Chair of PMS Committee, CCHS Link Governor – Teaching and Learning, PMS Link Governor – Safeguarding, Child Protection, LAC, Prevent, SEND, PP, Sports Premium 11.07.17 to 10.07.21
Mrs C Featherstone BMS Committee member 03.12.18 to 02.12.22
Church/Foundation Governors
Andrea Dawson Vice Chair of Governing Body, Chair – BMS Committee, CCHS Committee member, CCHS Link Governor – PP, Data and Assessment, SEND, BMS Link Governor – Safeguarding, Prevent, LAC, SEND, Data, Assessment,PP 29.11.19 to 29.11.23
Rev.d Simon Douglas Vice-Chair – BMS Committee, BMS Link Governor – Faith, RE, H&S 31.03.19 to 30.03.23
Associate Governors
Mrs A Dadge Perton Middle School 28.03.17 to 27.03.21
Mr A Tilley Bilbrook CE Middle School 27.03.18 to 26.03.22