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History at Perton is a forward looking and relevant subject. We aim to be dynamic and modern in our approach to teaching and learning.
During their time here, students will cover a wide range of key historical periods from the Anglo-Saxons to modern day history. There is a key focus in the new curriculum on English history.

Teaching British Values

History helps to prepare our students for British life by exploring the history of our British Monarchy and the development of the government. Pupils explore major historic events that have changed British history and how British values have been developed as a result.

KS2 children study History in the Autumn 1, Spring 1 and Summer 1 half terms for 1 hour. KS3 children receive 1 hour of History a week throughout the year. In years 5 and 6, students are taught in mixed ability classes and in years 7 and 8 they are grouped according to ability. We make good use of computing in our lessons, regularly using interactive resources in the classroom and in the computing suites.

The topics students cover:

Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Autumn 1
The Changing Power of the Monarchy
The Anglo Saxons
The Norman Conquest
The Transatlantic Slave Trade
Autumn 2
The War of the Roses
World War I
Spring 1
Early Non-European Societies – The Egyptians
Local History
The Tudors and the Reformation
Women’s Suffrage
Spring 2
USA in the 20th Century – Black History
World War II
Summer 1
Ancient Greece
The Vikings
Britain as the First Industrial Nation
Local History
Summer 2
Medicine Through Time

There are many ways as supportive parents that you can support your child:
1. Watch the news together. History is always being made and our past is always influencing the decisions we make today. The EU Referendum has peaked a lot of student’s interest.
2. Read the newspaper together. History is always being made or new discoveries coming to light. The Staffordshire Hoard and the discovery of the remains of King Richard have made the headlines in recent years.
3. Allow them to watch Horrible Histories- it is accurate, correct and lots of fun!
4. Visit areas of local historical interest. There are plenty in the local area such as Warwick Castle, Wall and the Black Country Museum.