Curriculum Statement
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Curriculum Statement

Perton Middle School Curriculum Intent Statement

The Vision

At Perton Middle School our curriculum prepares students for adult life by developing an understanding of what it means to be a responsible global citizen. We empower students to make a positive contribution to the community within which they live now and in the future.
A development of resilience and independence are a focus where reliance on self-study skills measures the success of their learning as defined by their home learning through the knowledge banks.
Pupils recognise their shared and individual contributions to the communities they belong to now and in the future. This is encapsulated in our school motto. ‘Proud to be Perton’.

The Journey

At the heart of our curriculum are the three pillars of Knowledge, Metacognition and Community.  Students are supported to understand how they learn best – how they make the knowledge ‘sticky’.  This understanding provides a solid foundation for current and future learning.  Our knowledge banks are at the heart of this learning.

Key Themes