School Uniform
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School Uniform

Perton Middle School – School Uniform

A student’s neat and tidy appearance reflects positively on both themselves and the school; therefore, a high expectation of personal appearance instils a shared belief that we have high expectations of ourselves and others and identifies us as a member of our school community. High standards of dress help students to focus on high standards in other areas of school. We believe our policy is fair to all pupils and we ask that you support your child and school in ensuring that this is adhered to at all times.

All students are expected to wear a white shirt (short or long-sleeved) with our school tie. A navy-blue jumper or cardigan accompanies this. These can be purchased with the school badge on from Lads and Lasses or can be plain from any good retailer.

Students should wear black trousers or skirt and these should be an ironable, tailored material. Skirts should be of a suitable style (not tight, lycra style as these have a habit or rising up and becoming very short) and should be no shorter than mid-thigh. If girls choose to wear trousers, we ask that they are not skinny fit, not leggings and they are not ankle length- they should be full length. Black, white or grey socks and black tights can also be worn.

Students in Years 7 and 8 wear blazers which gives them an identity for their secondary phase of education.

Smart shoes should be worn. They should be of a polishable material and should not display any coloured logos. Trainers are not allowed. Boots can be worn in the winter but only when the student is wearing trousers.

Uniform should be worn smartly (e.g. shirts tucked in, ties at a standard length). We ask that our students do not have piercings other than a single ear piercing, have hair colouring within the normal range of hair colour and that hair is kept smart. Make-up should not be worn; this includes mascara and fake eyelashes. Nail varnish, nail extensions and fake nails are not permitted.

All students will require a PE kit for their PE lessons. Students should wear a navy-blue t-shirt and shorts or skort for the girls and navy long socks. Students will also need a pair of trainers and football boots. We suggest they also have navy tracksuit bottoms, a navy fleece and navy base layers for the colder months as PE lessons will still take place outside. If students wish to wear base layers (e.g. leggings) their normal PE kit should be worn over the top. All branded PE kit can be purchased from Lads and Lasses and the school badge will be colour coded to show the student’s house (please see you child’s form tutor to find out which house they are in). All long hair should be tied back and all jewellery removed.

Please make sure all uniform and PE kit is name labelled. All of our branded school uniform can be purchased from Lads and Lasses in Codsall. Get your orders in early to avoid stock running low.

We ask that all children attend school with the appropriate equipment for their lessons. Children should have a pencil case that contains a handwriting pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and sharpener. Colouring pencils could also pe provided by parents. Children will also be responsible for bringing their Knowledge Bank folder to and from school. We ask that you discuss strategies with your child of how they can organise themselves each morning before school so they arrive fully equipped.