School Uniform
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School Uniform

Perton Middle School – Uniform Code

Rationale for having a uniform code.
By choosing to send your child to Perton Middle School, there is an implicit agreement that the school’s policies and standards will be adhered to and, more importantly, supported.

Why do we have a school uniform?

1. Helps To Prevent Bullying
Clothes are a status symbol in schools. Many students who are unable to afford the newest fashions or name brand clothing are ostracized and made fun of. A school uniforms puts everyone on an even playing field and prevents this type of bullying from happening.
2. Promotes School Spirit and a sense of pride
A sense of unity and togetherness is created when everyone is sporting their school’s colours. Belonging to a community improves morale and ignites a greater sense of school spirit and pride.
3. Simplifies Morning Routines
Knowing exactly what to wear for the day ahead reduces the amount of preparation time that is required for getting ready for school in a morning. This can aid punctuality and avoid unnecessary stress allowing for a more productive start to the day.
4. Value for Money
Having a designated set of clothes avoids pressure to buy expensive fashion items. This capsule is much cheaper than providing an entire wardrobe of fashion garments.

Consequences of not following the uniform code

As this guidance is being issued well in advance of the new academic year, we are ensuring that there is plenty of time for students and parents to make certain that the correct uniform is worn from day one of the new academic year. Contravention of our uniform guidance will, therefore, be viewed as a deliberate choice in full knowledge of the consequences that will follow. Full school uniform must be worn until the last day of term.
Any student wearing the incorrect uniform will either be isolated until the correct article of uniform is brought in to school or they will be provided with an alternative by the school if it is available. The only exceptions will be students who have particular medical circumstances which have been substantiated by a note from the GP.
The emphasis on uniform reflects our drive to be the best we can be in all aspects of school life. It is significantly more than just a set of clothes; it reflects the commitment of the wearer to their learning and to their learning community. We hope you will find the website guidance helpful and offer our thanks in advance for your continued support.

Make up and Hair Style

High fashion/cult hairstyles are not permitted. Shaved heads (shorter than a grade 1) and shaved eyebrows are also not permitted.
Any cult and other extreme of fashion, hairstyle or body marking/piercing is banned. False nails and nail polish are not permitted in school.
Parents will be required to collect any confiscated items. If they are not collected within four weeks they will be disposed of.
Fancy hairbands, bobbles or other hair paraphernalia are not permitted – plain, functional items only.
We do not allow false nails in school.

Hair colour

Hair should be within the natural range of colours.


One plain gold or silver stud earring in each ear lobe is permissible and a watch may be worn – no other Jewellery is permitted. We do not allow smart watches.


  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Navy long socks
  • Trainers
  • Football Boots

Optional Extra – navy tracksuit bottoms, navy fleece, navy base layers


  • T-shirt
  • Shorts or Skorts
  • Navy long socks
  • Trainers
  • Football Boots

Optional extra – navy leggings (to be warn under their shorts/skort), navy fleece and navy base layers

All Jewellery (newly pierced ears need to be covered with tape) is to be removed and hair tied back.